Meet the Team!

We Truly Believe That…

Our Future is Your Success

Brandon Pitt

Brandon is the Owner, CEO and one of the Co-Founders of BP, and his passion is in helping smaller businesses in a world that favors the big box companies! He has a background in Leadership, SEO Management, and HTML coding. Brandon is the face of this company, and you will likely have the privilege of working directly with him!

Phillip Archuleta

Phillip is the other Co-Founder of BP, and our top design and marketing contractor! His passion is to help others succeed in life as he has not always had the most accessible road in life. He wants to help provide others with a golden brick road. Phillip has a background in both Human Resources and Facebook and Social Media Marketing. Phillip will deal with a lot of the finances and will ensure that he can accomplish anything in his power. If you ever need anything, he will be there for you 24/7!

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