Our Future is Your Success

Website Design and Development

When it comes to Design and Development, we understand and know that this is the face of who you are that this is the place that people will come in order to see who you are and to decide if they would like to do business with you or not.

With that in mind, why would you do business with anyone that you do not trust to do the best work possible, that is why we always guarantee and intensive 2 round revision on every website that we do! There is no other company that will spend the time to sit down with you on a zoom or phone call and make live time changes to the things that you want more of or less of, that is what we do!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to SEO, what matters is humans, not bots, hiring us insures that you are getting real people doing your SEO and not a bunch of automated bots running un-personal ads.

Optimization means that we help make it easier for a search engine to read through your website’s content so that the content you want to be providing is precise and accurate. Then, when someone types targeted keywords into Google, your targeted audience will see your content. The goal is to get your website to get in front of your customers before other big box companies.

Google wants to be able to understand the content of your website quickly and easily. When Google can’t access your website’s content because it’s too slow or areas are blocked, you might end up providing a lousy experience for Google and your site visitors. We ultimately help make it easier for Google to find and access your content.

Think of a website as an island and hyperlinks as bridges. By having more bridges to your website, you are helping cars (aka Google) get across to the different islands faster and easier. Receiving external links (people sharing and linking to you) and having great content can help with authority. The better a website’s influence, the higher it will be listed in the search results.

Facebook and Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Facebook and Social Media Marketing, you want to be able to understand and captivate your audience as we want to make you succeed because that is our future.

Through analytics and data charts at BP, we can understand how your buyers think, breathe, and buy. We analyze their patterns better than they do, meaning we can put your product or store in front of them at the perfect time.

Think about getting ready to go fishing. As you are gathering up your gear and you get in the car, you go to turn the key. Plop! The fish lands right in your lap, so there’s no need to continue looking, right? Its because we placed the fish directly into your lap before you even left to go fishing.

BP Service Plus

Our Service is our priority, which is currently found in our Trash Valet program, this is our most popular program here at BP and we are very proud of both of our general locations and are actively looking to add on more!

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